How Neurosurgeons Can Ensure Transformational Leadership?

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Jeffrey Oppenheimer Neurosurgeon

The entire efficiency of transformational leadership is influenced by the organizational features in which a neurosurgeon works. In the same way, the calculated outlook of the hospital concentrates on complementarities amongst important competencies or abilities like leadership aptitudes, stakeholder positioning) that can be enough to enhance the interaction amongst people working together in the same facility. It is assumed that leadership skills are the determining element in the background of the transformational leadership–institutional CSR relation that influences the procedure by which transformational leadership motivates the plan and execution of a hospital’s institutional strategy.

Jeffrey Oppenheimer Neurosurgeon

Managing reputation of the medical facility:

Even doctors have to manage the reputation of the hospital where they work. Everything has gone online and now doctors are playing a great part is maintaining their online repute which further helps in enhancing the repute of their hospital or the clinic. Anything that happens in the medical facility raises questions on:

  • Its practical implication
  • Theoretical connection to institutional CSR
  • Its possible complementarity with transformational leadership of the doctors

Secondly, every medical facility must take advantage of its fundamental business competence to result in positive change to implement the institutional CSR effectively. CSR activities play an important role in enhancing the connection of the medical facility with the people. It is suggested by leadership literature that even though transformational leadership is a step ahead when it comes to competence investigation, transactional leadership is a step ahead when we talk about competence exploitation. Moreover, it puts concentration on:

  • Convergent thinking
  • Efficiency
  • Continuity

Role of competency in leadership:

For that reason, transactional leaders should be extra attentive in case of the prospects to influence their professional work competency to enhance the social and business profits of institutional CSR while applying the organization’s institutional CSR practices. Doctors are the driving force in any medical facility and their role is obvious in such circumstances. Objectives can be easily achieved and many benefits can be acquired if lose monitoring of task execution and constant development in the hospital’s institutional CSR practices are maintained. These skills have helped many neurosurgeons in achieving their set goals.

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