Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD

Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD – CEO at Neurosurgery Medical Associates

Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD

Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD obtained his BA cum laude from Cornell University. He earned MS in Biophysiology and Physics and an MD degree followed this from the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Jeffrey Oppenheimer did a 6-year Residency at the largest hospital in the USA, The University of Southern California- Los Angeles County Medical Center.
During his 30-year career as a physician, Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD has written articles, spoken on television including Emergency 911, lectured, been on the Neurosurgical faculty of major teaching hospitals and performed hundreds of operations.

He has a strong command over multiple international languages including German, and Spanish. Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD is an incredible neurologist known for his exceptional leadership style and notable personality. He has managed to accomplish several milestones in his career. He has worked with a number of reputed institutes throughout his career and is known for carrying out his responsibilities in a way that is unmatched.

Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD is a known neurologist and is an extraordinary and amazingly talented physician. He is acknowledged for his comprehensive decades of achievements in this regard.

He has vast experience in the field of medicine and he has worked at various facilities including Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute, New Jersey Spine and Orthopedic, and Advanced Orthopedics. Jeffrey Oppenheimer is currently working at C-Spine Orthopedics, and South Florida Spinal Neurosurgery Associates.


Jeffrey Oppenheimer is available to offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Physician
  • Biophysiology


Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, MD is available to shed light on several aspects of neurology, orthopedics, physician, and biophysiology.

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