3 Tricks Every Doctor Must Follow!

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You might have come across multiple articles that have helped you in learning more about tricks that must be followed by every doctor. This article is going to educate you more about the things that will help you in understanding your patients comprehensively.

Jeffrey Oppenheimer

Always ask open-ended questions.

One must refrain from asking questions that have black and white answers as patients do not have these answers usually. You have to understand the importance of several things while continuing your job and you have to be very careful while talking to your patients. Your patient would have multiple symptoms and he will take enough time to explain them to you. You as a doctor need to understand the depth of their issue because they are not feeling well physically and this has taken a toll on their psychological health. When you ask an open-ended question, you give them a chance to be open with you.

Keep their psychological issues in mind:

Motivation, perception, learning, and beliefs and attitudes are the psychological factors that affect any patient. Motivation drives your patient to build-up behavior and it is directly linked to the need. Doctors must create, make aware, or highlight an issue in the patient’s mind so as to enhance their understanding and motivate them to know the intensity of their disease. If the patients are motivated, they would be more interested in knowing about the treatment. Similarly, perception regarding their disease also urges them to learn more about it. Learning theories can also be taken in to account for planning better cure strategies. It is believed that if a medicine is associated with positive reinforcement, a more positive image will be built, and consumers will be more interested in getting their disease treated by the doctor.

Avoid technical jargon. 

There are many cases where doctors use technical language with the patients. For instance, mentioning hemoglobin might not be an understandable thing but mentioning red cells or quantity of blood may be understandable for them. This will balance out any kind of communication gap between the doctor and the patient. Therefore, doctors must focus on using simpler language with their patients.

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